Along with trainings, we provide a large range of services we are often recommended for.

Corporate Training

UN IT ERP is, and intends to remain, a thriving, cosmopolitan community of teachers and students united in our commitment to training and placement. So we offer a unique experience to our students, including opportunity to work with leading MNCs. On completion of theoretical training, including classroom demonstration, we refer our trainees to reputed companies for corporate training, encouraging them to ‘learn and earn’ and gain experience in various fields of today’s corporate world – software, Hardware, Networking and project Management to name a few.

Wide Range of Courses

We offer a wide range of courses for you to choose from. On our Course Pages you will find detailed information about each and every course we offer in Kolkata. UN IT ERP courses are as challenging as intensive, our academic approach emphasizing your ability to work independently, supported by a community of world-class IT professionals and SAP experts. We offer more than 10 specialised courses across various fields of Information Technology, with courses opening in new areas every year, including full-time and part-time study.

Placement Assistance

All our courses, both full-time and part-time, come in a package with a Placement Assistance Programme, doubtlessly Kolkata’s best. While our Placement assistance Programme includes Corporate Training in MNCs, it offers a lot more, covering all aspects of total professional grooming, so that none of our candidates has to wait for placement after successful completion of courses at UN IT ERP Academy. We are glad that we have, till date, placed more than 4000 candidates successfully using our credentials, contacts and networks – an achievement that speaks for itself.

Student Support

Student Support Programmes at UN IT ERP Academy include a lot more than just being in touch with our students. Every student at UN IT ERP Academy is given an academic mentor. Therefore, throughout your course, you receive personalised support and supervision from a skilled professional in your field – an initiative remaining exclusively ours in Kolkata. Besides, through mails and on telephone, we continue to keep you informed about fresh opportunities and new openings. Also, our Academic Administrators remain vigilant and in touch with all trainees for assistance they need at any point of time.


With an experience of more than a decade in stock, we have successfully built a whole network of tie-ups with a number of leading IT companies, some of them being MNCs, but to secure opportunities for our students after completion of their courses at UN IT ERP Academy. No wonder, our Placement Assistance Programmes work far better than companies’ making pompous claims.

Changes to Courses

Our courses are flexible. While you can choose from a wide range of course we offer at UN IT ERP Academy, you can switch too – from one course to another in order to meet your schedule and requirements, before or after registration. However, students are not allowed to switch courses midterm, except by way of fresh enrolment.

Expert Faculty

We boast of an expert faculty imparting education at UN IT ERP Academy, combining scholastic approaches with practicality. Our teachers are not just teachers. One convenient way to introduce them will be to say that they are basically IT Icons interested in teaching. As they train you, they help you fix your goals and encourage you to challenge and deepen your knowledge by constant questioning, offering an unparalleled classroom. One more point. While we do have panelized teachers for all courses, we do often invite teachers from reputed training institutes for final touches before tests and interviews.

IT Courses

Along with SAP courses, we have expert faculty to teach the students other IT subjects. Materials and notes, both soft and hard copies, will be provided to the students. There will be doubt-clearing sessions and mock tests will be conducted, after completion of syllabus. Home assignments will be given regularly to keep track of the progress of the students.

These aside, once you step into our institute, you enter a whole new world of academic activities that include weakly seminars on various topics, remedial classes, mock interviews, thorough assessment after completion of each module, academic counseling by professionals – all at an affordable fee.