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Data Science Training Institute in KOLKATA|UNIT ERP ACADEMY

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Description :

A) Data Science for Beginners

What exactly is data science?

Simply speaking, the term “data science” implies using data for the purpose of making decisions and solving problems. In this case, nuanced insights are extracted from data by making use of algorithms, statistics, math, scientific procedures, as well as other techniques. Raw data is collected by data scientists and it is converted into meaningful information.

Applications of data science

  • Recommendation systems :

    Virtually all types of recommendation systems take the help of data science for their operation. At present, many organizations such as Netflix and Amazon are using these types of systems.

  • Internet search :

    Data science helps Google to process more than 3 billion search queries every single day.

  • Gaming :

    At present, the development of games depends on machine learning techniques. Many gaming companies are using data science technology to improve the gaming experience.

  • Image and speech recognition :

    There are certain speech recognition systems that depend on data science to a great extent. Data science also helps to run the face-locking system in mobile devices.

  • Banking :

    One of the most significant data science applications happens to be banking. Data science and big data have helped banks manage their resources successfully while remaining updated with the competition.

  • Health care :

    Data science is also applied in the field of health care at present such as discovery of drugs, medical image analysis, and so forth.

Skills to become a data scientist

Here, we have mentioned some essential skills that will be required to become a successful data scientist.
  • Programming :

    It’ll be a sensible idea to master at least one primary programming language. For example, many companies look for data scientists who have comprehensive knowledge of R or Python.

  • Statistics :

    A degree in statistics or having a background in the subject can also help you significantly. It will also be sensible to have experience in random variables, descriptive statistics, probability, percentiles, cumulative distribution function, and exploratory data analysis.

  • Data visualization :

    It is essential to know the visual representation of data when it comes to data science. Certain data visualization tools like Datawrapper, Kibana, ggplot, Tableau, and so on will help you to convert complicated information into an interesting and understandable format.

  • Machine learning :

    Even though it is not imperative to learn machine learning to become a data scientist, it’ll nevertheless be a preferable skill. It is a fact that the knowledge of machine learning will help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Teamwork :

    It is not possible for any data scientist to work in isolation. Therefore, you have to develop your teamwork and communication skills to become a data scientist besides your computer and technical skills.

  • Apache Spark :

    This popular data technology will allow data scientists to operate algorithms faster. It will likewise enable you to manage unstructured data sets. It is a fact that Apache Spark will allow you to prevent any loss of data effortlessly while executing your projects in a streamlined manner.

A comprehensive data science course in Kolkata has been created by UN IT ERP Academy, and it is designed for those individuals who like to work as data scientists without having much knowledge regarding the basics of this profession. This course will start with the basics of data science and it will progress to advanced topics like data visualization, object-oriented programming, exploratory data analysis, data wrangling, and different tools and technologies allowing data science operations, like Anaconda, Jupyter, Python, NumPy, Pandas, and so on. After completing this course successfully, the applicants will get the relevant certificates of completion from our institution.

B) Data Science Using Python & R Certification Course Training

It is believed by many individuals that the job of a data scientist can be considered to be the most interesting job of the 21st century. Moreover, Python and R happen to be one of the top five programming languages right now and we expect the Indian Data Analytics market to get to $16 billion by the year 2025. Taking all these into consideration, many companies are searching for data scientists who will be able to deal with overwhelming amounts of information while converting them into actionable insights.
Every successful data professional comprehends that they need to go beyond the conventional skills required for evaluating data, maintaining data, mining data, communicating data, as well as capturing data, and all these happen to be some of the primary skills utilized in data science. It is a fact that lots of students want to prepare for a profession in data science right now. Successful data scientists comprehend pertinent queries from the data arriving from different types of sources and they organize it in such a manner that it can translate issues into solutions that can affect business decisions in a positive manner.

Data science utilizing Python and R learning outcomes

Companies happen to be submerged in information right now. Data has been positioned by digital metamorphosis at the core of every company. Businesses are struggling to find out what exactly is essential and what actions they must take and which ones they must stay away from. Right now, different companies are starting to comprehend the potential of big data, while releasing their power to enhance their business value. It is a fact that data will be meaningless and without any value in case it is not feasible to evaluate data to generate actionable insights.

This particular Data science training online course offered by UN IT ERP Academy will teach the core components of data science such as machine learning algorithms, data visualization, as well as data cleaning. This reliable data science training in Kolkata will enable the students to learn the most significant steps and procedures involved in dealing with big data, as well as its issues. It’ll be possible for the students to comprehend the significance of data science as well as the different types of activities performed by a typical data scientist. The primary objective of this best data science course in Kolkata will be to teach the students how to gather information, clean, as well as analyze data, create a model, and also comprehend the feedback following the deposition of the model.

The students will be able to explore different sources of data generation, gain comprehensive knowledge regarding text mining to existing Customer Sentiment Analysis, and develop an understanding of Predictive and Descriptive Analytics. Apart from this, this reliable and authentic data science training program will provide an opportunity for the students to work on live projects such that it is possible for them to procure and apply their newly acquired expertise in real-world situations. Furthermore, the students will be able to comprehend the different tools and techniques applied for the transformation of data and with the aid of the concept of Data Visualization represent data for effortless understanding as well. This training course will enable the students to learn to do the following:

Data Science Certification Modules

This data science module will enable the students to work on pertinent data sets which will allow them to explore the essential principles of statistics, data analysis, as well as computing. There has been an increasing demand for data scientists in recent times and it is imperative for you to emphasize the fact that organizations maintain their positions by means of data-driven insights in the market which will be an adequate reason for the increasing demand for data science experts.
It’ll be possible for the students to explore the different applications of data science across different types of sectors and industries. Students will be able to learn the principle ideas of Neural Networks and comprehend the techniques of Deep Learning Black Box such as SVM. This module will enable the students to comprehend the primary techniques implemented in data science like Regression Techniques, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Data mining, and Forecasting, as well as scripting algorithms for the same with R and Python Programming.

How will we get you prepared?

c) Python Programming for Beginners

Being a dynamic, versatile, and interactive language, Python is known to support functional, object- oriented, and structured programming which has made it so popular at present. Python is utilized by the leading 25 unicorn companies in the United States, and it is considered to be one of the leading programming languages that helps programmers, developers, and engineers to a great extent. Among the top companies using Python, mention may be made of Google, NASA, and IBM. In fact, Python happens to be a production-based language, which is used for top-notch projects by the leading enterprises out there. Make it a point to enhance your Python skills with the help of this comprehensive Python training in Kolkata offered by our Institute.

Overview of core Python course

One can consider Python to be one of the most well-known programming languages utilized by data scientists at present. Explore the different Python packages to evaluate information and comprehend sophisticated theoretical concepts such as Exception Handling, Multi-Threading, Sequence, Writing Scripts, as well as File operations in Python. Comprehend the basics of this amazing language while getting practical experience with Python’s functional applications. Learn Python Dictionaries, Sets, as well as Data Structures.

This Python training in Kolkata course emphasizes providing a comprehensive understanding of this programming language that happens to be a lucrative expertise right now. Being a top-notch and reliable Python training institute in Kolkata, our course consists of all the essential concepts of Python and will provide the students with a profound knowledge of the basics of Python programming along with the knowledge of object-oriented programming. Consequently, do not give any second thoughts and enroll in this, reliable Python course in case you would like to become an expert in this language and take advantage of the numerous job opportunities in this particular department.

What do you mean by Python?

Being an extremely flexible language, Python has the ability to satisfy the requirements of engineers, web developers, and analysts. Moreover, it has the support of an active community of programmers. Python happens to be a general-purpose language, which one will not find difficult to learn and it is likewise appropriate for different tasks from some particular fields out there. It is a fact that Python is suitable for scripting and consists of various types of testing frameworks, as well as lots of Data Visualization.

Learning outcomes of this Python course

We can regard Python to be an embedded scripting language utilized for data science, web development, as well as cloud operations. This course will help the students to understand the application of coding while creating, operating, and debugging a code as well. In this particular course, the students can use this language for data visualization and statistical analysis together with comprehending and exploring the main programming features such as conditioners, data structures, variables, loops, as well as functions.

Apart from this, the students will likewise be introduced to the sophisticated techniques used for implementing sophisticated frameworks together with an introduction to parallel and concurrent programming. Moreover, it will likewise be possible for the students to learn how to write decision statements and loops. They can learn the usage of Python classes for designing object-oriented programs. As a result, do not give any second thoughts and get enrolled for this authentic Python training in Kolkata which has been designed for professionals like software engineers, students, systems analysts, support personnel, as well as software engineers.

This course will help you to do the following:

d) AI & Deep Learning

At present, Artificial Intelligence is accountable for driving various sectors such as healthcare, banking, engineering, robotics, military activities, space, engineering, and so on in a significant manner. The most significant task of Artificial Intelligence will be to enhance the functions of the computers which are associated with the manner in which humans make an effort to fix the issues, thanks to their ability to learn, think, make decisions, and work. Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize several industries given that there are lot of potential in case you pursue a career in AI. It is a fact that our lives are being transformed by AI rapidly these days. Lots of organizations are emerging on the market and are trying to procure the best talents given that there is a dearth of qualified and skilled experts in this field.

Overview of Artificial Intelligence Training

The Data Science training course mentioned here is intended for professionals having an aptitude for statistics, along with a background in R, Python, as well as other programming languages. This course begins by depicting individuals the potential and power of AI and also how to create AI. The main purpose of this training is to make this course enjoyable and interesting for the students while offering them a stimulating environment to learn. There is no doubt that this course will assist you in learning algorithms, theory, as well as coding in a simple and effective manner. It will be possible for the students to fix real-world problems with AI with the help of live projects so that they can learn about the possible areas where it is feasible to implement AI in real life.
This AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning course will begin with creating AI applications, comprehending structural algorithms for fresh AI machines, comprehending Neural Network Architectures, and reducing mistakes by means of sophisticated optimization procedures. Make it a point to get proper knowledge regarding Artificial Intelligence practical applications and concepts in the Certification Program in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. One will make use of TPUs and GPUs on cloud platforms like Google Colab corporate Google Artificial Intelligence algorithms together with operating Neural Network algorithms on GPU machines.

What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has made a significant advancement during the last 10 years because of massive enhancements in new algorithms and data collection. It is known to produce intelligent computer programs responsible for making machines intelligent, which helps them to act, plan, move, think, as well as manipulate objects such as humans. It will create innovative and better jobs while liberating individuals from repetitive physical and mental jobs. Companies are using machine learning, image recognition, as well as deep learning in the departments of security, advertising, plus automobile to serve customers in a better manner. Siri, Alexa, and other digital assistants are providing smarter replies to queries by performing different types of services and tasks using only a voice command.

What do you mean by Deep Learning?

In this case, a computer model is trained by feeding in huge sets of labeled data while offering a neural network architecture with plenty of layers. We often refer to Deep Learning as a subfield of machine learning images that will teach the computers to learn by example, similar to humans, at times, surpassing human-level performance. While undertaking this data science training online course, it’ll be possible for you to learn the manner in which deep learning has become so well- known due to its supremacy when it comes to precision when trained with large amounts of information.

AI training outcomes

Artificial Intelligence has turned out to be the hottest catchword in the present tech industry and you will come across many companies providing talented AI experts with handsome remuneration. Artificial Intelligence happens to be an extensive field consisting of deep learning, machine learning, and NLP (natural language processing). AI is researching topics linked to problem-solving, reasoning, automatic planning, machine learning, etc. It is providing sophistication to computers so that they can act in an intelligent manner.
This particular course provided by UN IT ERP Academy, the best data science institute in Kolkata, will allow the students to explore the basic principles, strengths, limitations, as well as techniques of the different applications of AI. The students are going to investigate the different techniques and structures of AI utilized for problem-solving, perception, inference, learning, and knowledge representation. Moreover, it’ll be possible for the students to get a proper comprehension of the limitations, present scope, as well as societal implications of AI globally.
This training will help you learn how to work with algorithms that will allow AI to function properly. The primary objective of this training will be to make you understand how to implement the models, basic principles, as well as algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. It’ll be a sensible idea to have some fundamental programming skills to take advantage of this course. The primary target of this course will be to create a fundamental comprehension of the different applications of Artificial Intelligence while creating awareness as well. Students will gain exposure to potential areas of Artificial Intelligence such as computer vision, robotics, and neural networks. We will focus on providing the students with a “hands-on” approach so that they will be able to comprehend this course in the best possible way. After the completion of this course, it will be possible for the students to:

Artificial Intelligence certification training modules

This module on Artificial Intelligence begins with an intro to Deep Learning and Python libraries such as Theono, Torch, Caffe, Keras, Tensorflow, OpenCV, as well as PyTorch followed by a comprehensive knowledge of Keras, OpenCV, Tensorflow, and PyTorch. This module will allow you to get a proper comprehension of Artificial Intelligence around design as well as its implementation. Comprehend the difference between MLP or ANN and perception. Get comprehensive knowledge regarding the CRISP-DM procedure employed for Data Analytics / AI projects along with the different phases involved in the comprehensive project life cycle. This module will likewise help you to learn about the real-world application and architecture of DBNs (Deep Belief Networks) while using text- to-speech and speech-to-text models. We will likewise allow the students to create a chatbot in this module by making use of retrieval models and generative models while comprehending the RASA NLU framework thoroughly.

e) Data Science & AI

Overview of data science and AI course
This dual certification data science course in Kolkata deals with the concept of Python programming and its deployment to enable machine learning and data mining. This course is accountable for reinforcing the concepts in statistics, mathematics, linear algebra, probability, and calculus. This course likewise details the usage of OpenCV and NLP libraries to code machine learning algorithms. Backward propagation as well as feedforward in neural networks have been discussed at last. Incidentally, this course highlights deep learning, machine learning, as well as neural networks.
This awesome Data science training online course likewise facilitates in-depth analysis of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Convolution Neural Networks (CNNs), Reinforcement Learning, GANs, and Q learning. It has likewise elaborated the deployment of the Loss function, Activation function, as well as non-linear activation function. In a nutshell, one can describe this course to be an all-inclusive package for IT enthusiasts who like to design, as well as develop Artificial Intelligence applications in their discipline of study.

What is meant by Data Science?

One can describe data science as a multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of large-scale data combining styles and generalities from the fields of mathematics, statistics, computer engineering, and AI. It is the study of data that has the principle of generating significant marketable perceptivity. This study might help data scientists to request and get replies to questions such as what happened, what will be, why it happened, and what might be done differently with the outcomes.
Contemporary businesses are drowning in data science as an outcome of lots of technology that might collect and store information automatically. Data science is essential since it combines procedures, technologies, and tools to obtain meaning from data. Modern technology is accumulating more data regarding healthcare, banking, electronic commerce, and so forth by means of online platforms and payment gateways.
Contemporary businesses are drowning in data science as an outcome of lots of technology that might collect and store information automatically. Data science is essential since it combines procedures, technologies, and tools to obtain meaning from data. Modern technology is accumulating more data regarding healthcare, banking, electronic commerce, and so forth by means of online platforms and payment gateways.

What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence?

Contemporary innovation of computers is built on Artificial Intelligence that helps to unlock value for companies, as well as consumers. AI emphasizes the study of building robots and computers that have the ability to learn, think, and behave in such a manner that would need human intellect or that would make use of data of a particular size beyond what can be analyzed by individuals.
Artificial Intelligence is used by optical character recognition or OCR to extract data and text from documents and pictures, thus converting unorganized content into structured data appropriate for revealing intuitive information and commercial usage. As a matter of fact, contemporary computer innovation is built on Artificial Intelligence that unlocks value for companies, as well as consumers.
Computer science, languages, statistics, data analytics, hardware, neurology, software engineering, even psychology, as well as philosophy happen to be several disciplines falling under the domain of Artificial Intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence happens to be a group of technologies used in predictions & forecasts, data analytics, object classification, suggestions, natural language processing, intelligent data retrieval, and so on. These technologies are usually based on deep learning and also on machine learning.

Data science and AI course details

At present, there is a huge demand for skilled Artificial Intelligence and data science experts. It is a fact that the existing market is all about data. There is a huge scope to get a profitable job in this particular field. The students will receive proper training and they can also understand the course effectively by making use of the opportunity of the personal attention provided by the instructors at UN IT ERP Academy.
It is a fact that Artificial Intelligence and data science are not confined to any particular industry, and therefore, it’ll be possible for professionals in AI and data science to be able to work in the fields of their interest. Being exposed to real-time projects, it’ll be feasible for the students to combat the challenges that are found to be in industries at their learning level only. The primary areas where AI and data science experts happen to be in demand are Medicine, Robotics, Space, Automation, Information management, Marketing, Military activities, and so on. The main objective of this Data Science training course will be to provide skilled experts by offering top-notch training and guiding them to have hands-on experience.

f) Exclusive Python & R Programme for Beginners

The Data Science course provided by UN IT ERP Academy making use of R and Python endorses the methodology of CRISP-DM Project Management and consists of all the required preliminary introduction. The core modules begin emphasizing Hypothesis Testing, as well as the “4” essential hypothesis tests. It will be possible for the students to deal with Inferential Statistics, Plots, and Probability Distributions in this particular course. Apart from this, the course also deals with Recommendation Engines, Data Mining, Unsupervised Learning, and Network Analytics along with different types of Text Mining, Machine Learning algorithms, Naive Bayes, Natural Language Processing, Perceptron, as well as Multilayer Perceptron.

Overview of the Data Science Certification Program

It is a fact that data science happens to be a 90% statistical analysis and it is fair that the premier modules must bear an introduction to Data Visualization and Statistical Data Business Intelligence techniques. The core modules begin with an emphasis on the “4” imperative hypothesis tests. It’ll be possible for the students to deal with Inferential Statistics, Plots, as well as different Probability Distributions in this module. Moreover, a short exposition on Descriptive Analytics/ Exploratory Data Analysis has been huddled in between.

The noticeable usage of Multiple Linear Regression to create Prediction Models has been emphasized. These succeeding modules deal with data mining with Supervised Learning and the usage of OLS and Linear Regression. Besides this, the following modules have discussed the theory behind Logistic Regression, Lasso and Ridge Regressions, Advanced Regression for Count Data, and Multinomial Regression.

What do you mean by data science?

One can consider data science to be a combination of procedures derived from machine learning, data analysis, and statistics that have been trained to extract and evaluate large volumes of organized and unorganized data.

What do you mean by a data scientist?

A data scientist helps to make better business decisions by introducing better direction and enhanced speed to the whole process. He can be defined to be a researcher who has the responsibility of creating complicated quantitative algorithms to organize the information and synthesize it, prepare huge volumes of big data for evaluation, and also present the results to senior management with compelling visualizations.
A data scientist has a powerful analytical mindset combined with solid industrial know-how. He can be considered to be an individual who prefers playing with figures and numbers. It is essential for data scientists to have a solid foundation in the fields of Statistics, Linear Algebra, Mathematics, Mining, Computer Programming, Data Warehousing, as well as modeling to create winning algorithms. Apart from this, his communication skills must be above the average and he should be able to communicate the technical concepts to those who do not have much knowledge regarding technology.
It’ll be a sensible idea to have expertise in tools like R, R Studio, Python, Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSQL database, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Tableau, Java, Cloud Computing, and SAS, although these are not compulsory.

Outcomes of data science training learning

It’ll be a sensible idea to have expertise in tools like R, R Studio, Python, Hadoop, MapReduce, NoSQL database, Apache Pig, Apache Spark, Tableau, Java, Cloud Computing, and SAS, although these are not compulsory.
This authentic data science training in Kolkata using R and Python starts with an introduction to probability, statistics, Exploratory Data Analysis, and Python as well as R programming. Apart from this, this reliable course likewise deals comprehensively with Data Mining Unsupervised using Dimension Reduction, Clustering, and Association Rules. It’ll be possible for the participants to engage with the principles of Predictive Modelling using Multiple Linear Regression techniques and Data Mining Supervised Learning using Linear regression techniques. A module has been dedicated to scripting, the algorithms of Machine Learning and allowing Deep Learning along with Neural Networks with SVM and Black Box techniques. Being the best data science training institute in Kolkata, we will teach the students how to perform proactive forecasting along with Time Series Analysis using algorithms that have been scripted in R and Python.

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Data Science Course:

UN IT ERP Academy offers a comprehensive Data Science course, considered the most extensive program available. It covers the entire lifecycle of Data Science, including concepts such as data collection, extraction, cleansing, exploration, transformation, feature engineering, integration, mining, prediction modeling, visualization, and solution deployment. The training covers a wide range of skills and tools, including statistical analysis, text mining, regression modeling, hypothesis testing, predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing, predictive modeling, R Studio, Tableau, Spark, Hadoop, as well as programming languages like R and Python. UN IT ERP Academy, known as the top Data Science training institute, provides end-to-end services, from training to placement, with a track record of successfully placing over 400 participants in renowned multinational companies such as E&Y, Panasonic, Accenture, VMWare, Infosys, IBM, and more. UN IT ERP Academy’s training program is highly regarded in the industry for its excellence.

Why Choose UN IT ERP Academy for Data Science Training?

If you are serious about pursuing a career in Data Science, UN IT ERP Academy is the ideal choice. As one of the premier Data Science training institutes, we have helped thousands of professionals establish successful careers in Data Science, both in India and abroad. Our specialization lies in providing comprehensive training that extends to job placement. We guide and support our participants every step of the way, assisting with concept upskilling, completing assignments and live projects.
UN IT ERP Academy maintains a dedicated placement cell and has partnered with over 150 corporate entities to facilitate interviews and job placements. Our trainers are experienced Data Scientists with over 15 years of professional expertise. Many of them are alumni of prestigious institutions like IIT, ISB, and IIM, and some hold PhD degrees. With such strong faculty, UN IT ERP Academy’s certification is recognized as the best in the field of Data Science. We offer a blended learning model that encompasses classroom sessions, instructor-led online sessions, and e-learning (recorded sessions) under a single enrollment. This combination of learning modes creates a synergistic impact on the learning process. Participants have the opportunity to attend an unlimited number of instructor-led online sessions conducted by different trainers for a period of one year at no additional cost. UN IT ERP Academy is widely acknowledged as the leading Data Science training institute, providing mastery of Data Science concepts and facilitating job placements.

Data Science: Unveiling Insights from Data

Data Science involves uncovering hidden insights from data, analyzing trends, behaviors, and making interpretations and inferences to support informed decision-making in business. The individuals who carry out these activities are known as Data Scientists or Data Science professionals. Data Science has emerged as one of the most sought-after professions, gaining recognition from prestigious institutions like Harvard and becoming highly desirable globally.

Why Should You Consider Taking a Data Science Course?

The answer is a resounding YES, and here’s why. The ongoing digital revolution has generated an immense amount of data across various domains. As a result, the demand for skilled Data Science professionals who can evaluate and extract meaningful insights from this data is skyrocketing, creating millions of job opportunities in the field. The gap between supply and demand for Data Scientists is substantial, leading to lucrative salaries and ample career prospects. Data Scientists are considered at the forefront of the job market, with a career path that is both enduring and rewarding due to the ever-increasing generation of data.
Here are some key statistics that highlight the significance of Data Science:

  • NASSCOM reports a staggering 140,000 job vacancies in the fields of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data.
  • By 2021, the world is projected to face a shortage of 230,000 Data Science professionals.
  • According to the Talent Supply Index, the demand for Data Scientists in India increased by 417% in 2018.
  • Glassdoor’s 2018 rankings place Data Science as the best job to pursue.
  • The Harvard Business Review famously labeled Data Scientist as the “Best job of the 21st century.”

Is Data Science Certification Worth Pursuing as a Career?

Absolutely! Data Science and Analytics have created numerous job opportunities across all industries worldwide. Businesses now recognize the value of analyzing historical data to make informed decisions and enhance their operations. The digital transformation prevalent in every aspect of business enables the generation and analysis of data, leading to a surge in demand for Data Science professionals. This demand-supply gap has driven salaries in Data Science to unprecedented heights, making it one of the most rewarding fields. Furthermore, the continuous and exponential growth of online data ensures a lasting and promising career for Data Scientists.

Why UN IT ERP Academy is the Premier Data Science Training Institute?

UN IT ERP Academy stands as the top choice for Data Science certification training, offering comprehensive online, classroom, and self-paced e-learning courses. Our course agenda provides detailed information on the complete Data Science curriculum.

Who Should Enroll in a Data Science Course?

Professionals from diverse backgrounds can benefit from pursuing a Data Science course to enhance their careers. This includes:

  • Individuals from any domain with logical, mathematical, and analytical skills.
  • Professionals working with business intelligence, data warehousing, and reporting tools.
  • Statisticians, economists, and mathematicians.
  • Software programmers.
  • Business analysts.
  • Six Sigma consultants.
  • Fresh graduates from any discipline with strong analytical and logical skills.

Interview Preparation Sessions

Participants who complete our Data Science training and projects will be given access to our Placement Incubation Program. This program includes thorough interview preparation sessions focused on Data Science. We provide an extensive collection of interview questions and answers to help participants prepare. A dedicated Data Science Subject Matter Expert (SME) will assist with resume building, conduct mock interviews, evaluate knowledge and expertise, and provide constructive feedback. Our SMEs will guide participants through the entire interview preparation process until they secure a placement. We also offer guidance on building a compelling LinkedIn profile and share industry tricks to enhance resume marketability.

Course Curriculum

Module 1-Introduction to Basic Statistics using R and Python
Module 2-Probability and Hypothesis Testing
Module 3-Exploratory Data Analysis -1
Module 4-Linear Regression
Module 5-Logistic Regression
Module 6-Deployment
Module 7-Data Mining Unsupervised Clustering
Module 8-Dimension Reduction Techniques
Module 9-Association Rules
Module 10-Recommender system
Module 11-Introduction to supervised Machine Learning
Module 12-Decision Tree
Module 13-Exploratory Data Analysis -2
Module 14-Feature Engineering
Module 15-Model validation methods
Module 16-Ensembled Techniques
Module 17-KNN and Support Vector Machines
Module 18-Regularization Techniques
Module 19-Neural Networks
Module 20-Text Mining
Module 21-Natural Language Processing
Module 22-Naive Bayes
Module 23-Forecasting
Module 24-Survival Analysis
Module 25-End to End project Description with deployment